Shredding & Recycling

Shredding & Recycling

Shredding Mill

The TR model range comprises industrial shredding mills, sized in widths of either 550mm or 870mm, which are high performance machines for the cutting, shredding, grinding, harrowing and tearing for… Learn More »

Compact Shredders

If you need to control processing costs within your manufacturing business and don’t require the capacity afforded by a full shredding mill machine, the compact shredder could be an ideal… Learn More »

Shredder For Net & Rope

One of the biggest marine ecology issues we face is often hidden in the depths of our oceans but, rest assured, i2Europe has a rope shredding solution to tackle the… Learn More »

Shredder For Raffia

If you are looking for a high-performance raffia shredding machine, the TR model range probably has the answers you are looking for. Cutting, shredding, grinding, harrowing and tearing all types… Learn More »

Shredder For Textiles

Textile shredding is simplicity itself using the innovative TR model range of shredding mills. These high performance machines can cut, shred, grind, harrow and tear all types of material or… Learn More »

Shredder For Plastics

Plastic shredding is a useful way to achieve recycling targets and having the right machine can make all the difference to your outputs and efficiencies. For this reason, we think… Learn More »

Shredder For Carpets

The TR model range shredding mill is a high performance carpet shredder and machine for cutting, shredding, grinding, harrowing and tearing all types of other material. Benefiting from a new… Learn More »

Shredder For Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard recycling can achieve greater efficiencies, when the machine used for processing the material is one that optimises the entire process. Our cardboard shredding machine does just that…. Learn More »

Shredder For Polythene

An efficient polythene shredder machine can work wonders when it comes to reducing waste and recycling polythene materials. Worry not, as i2Europe has a super-efficient polythene shredder that can offer… Learn More »

Shredder For Film And Membranes

The TR model range is a good place for anyone to look, if they are seeking a film shredding machine that offers a great performance. It is a shredding mill… Learn More »