Shredding & Recycling

Shredding & Recycling

Shredder For Foam And Polystyrene

Looking for a foam shredding solution? Well, the TR model range of shredding mills may just offer the high performance and reliability that you seek, for all of your foam… Learn More »

Natural Fibres Shredding Machine

If you need a machine that can shred natural fibres with ease, our TR model range can tick many boxes. The TR model range shredding mill is a high performance… Learn More »

Rag Tearer Silo

The rag tearer shredding silo charger is used for the feeding and dosing of tearing machines. It loads the shredding silo machine, to ensure storage can be achieved, and also… Learn More »

Feeder Silo

When it comes to the storage and distribution of many products, having the right silo is key. A feeder silo is predominantly part of the plant within those businesses where… Learn More »

Blending Silo

Blending silos and mixers serve various useful purposes on production lines and are great assets to have on the machine inventory, if you are manufacturing blended fabric. The Lidem blending… Learn More »

Rotator Shredder

We have a range of high output shredding mills available which can perform industrial shredding tasks in a very efficient manner, whether you are dealing with plastic bags, PET bottles… Learn More »