Feeder Silo

Feeder Silo

The feeder silo is a method of storage and distribution for many products. It is predominantly used as part of the plant employed where products are being recycled and ultimately reused. Amongst other silos we offer are rag-tearer silos.

It provides an effective dosing for materials which have been crushed, cut or torn and is designed for use with many products. These include polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, polystyrene, raffia and big-bags. Thermal blankets, rubber products, EVA, PVC, PS, PP, PET, PE, PES, HIPS are processed with this system. The silo form part of recycling lines for other materials, such as quilted, foam, latex, viscoelastic, foamized tissue, wadding etc.

The feeder silo provides a continuous and regular supply of material for productive systems such as extruders, washing lines, ovens, shredders

More often new, the silos are used in conjunction with a ‘sister silo’, with one silo containing the recycled product and the other silo containing ‘virgin’ product. This allows the 2 products to be mixed and used as a blend of new and recycled products. For example there are companies that are producing milk cartons for supermarkets, with the amount of recycled product being anywhere between 10 and 100% recycled.

As more and more companies become aware of the advantages of using recycled materials, the number of feeder silos in use will increase substantially.

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