Cutting & Slitting

Cutting & Slitting

Cutting products »

Our supplier, KURIS, a digital cutting table specialist currently offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of cutting products in the field of spreading and cutting technology. They have over… Read More

Ultrasonic bonding/sealing/cutting »

The applications for ultrasonic bonding (welding) are extensive and found in many industries. From electrical and computer, automotive and aerospace, medical, and clothing, to packaging. Whether two items can be… Read More

Large Roll Spreader »

A high-production large roll spreading, cutting and stacking machine designed to work from A-frames or trestles of up Ø1,800mm diameter. Suitable for all kinds of textiles, nonwoven, polymers and plastics,… Read More

Large Diameter Auto Roll Cutter »

Our large diameter auto roll cutter can cut rolls up to 6,000mm wide and Ø1,000mm diameter rolls up fully automatically. It is specifically designed for automatic cutting (log slitting) of… Read More

Ribbon cutter »

The ribbon cutter is a roll cutter specially designed for cutting rolls of fabric with great precision. Designed for the cutting of fabrics (lycra, cotton, linen, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon,… Read More

Spreader cutter »

Our spreader cutter is a high production spreading, cutting and stacking machine for all types of textiles (elastic and inelastic), knitwear, non-woven, polymers and plastics, fibreglass, carbon fibre etc. Products… Read More

Automatic Roll Cutter »

We have fully automatic roll cutters capable of working up to 6,000mm wide with the ability to cut up to Ø500mm diameter rolls. We supply other products for large diameter… Read More

Manual Roll Cutter »

The manual roll cutter is a slitter suitable for all types of textiles (cotton, linen, silk, polyester, acrylic, spandex, nylon, polyamide, plush, denim, leather, stretch, 3D three-dimensional fabric), non-woven and… Read More

Roll Cutter for Plastic & Paper »

Our roll cutter for plastic and paper (roll saw) has a toothed disc for cutting or log-slitting rolls and coils in blocks, strips or ribbons. Designed for very hard rolls… Read More