X Series Flatbed Lamination

X Series Flatbed Lamination

The X-series KL is a compact, flexible, flatbed bonding and lamination machine. Often used for applications in the clothing industry, such as sportswear, jackets and coats, the machine is also perfect for the technical textile market, where more specific combinations of pressure, time and temperature can achieve better results.

The application of direct pressure at the end of the process can make significant changes to the to the finished product in regard to thickness and it is especially useful in medical component production. Pressure also helps the ‘glue medium’ to be more readily absorbed into the products, for a more even and secure finished bond.

We also supply the larger OT series products, along with smaller narrow width options such as the X600.

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Primarily used for the easy bonding or lamination of pieces products, as it is designed to be modular, therefore the X-series KL can be equipped with stackers, various feeding stations and return belt device, along with many infeed and winding options. The infeed belt allows the products to be manually aligned before bonding, but the option to add multi-roll driven unwind rolls with individual edge guiding, allows rolled products to be perfectly aligned and fed without any tension on a single product which could cause distortion of the finished product.

Different products require different parameters to achieve the correct result, so a combination of heat, time and pressure for one product may not suit a different product. Our broad experience in this field allows us to advise you on the most suitable combinations for treated, woven, non-woven, mono and bi stretch materials.

The X-series KL flatbed machine is available in the following widths:

600, 1000, 1400, 1600
May be available in wider widths, contact us for more details

The heating area in the X-series KL is 900 mm long, to ensure the best and most accurate heating for fusing the materials, using a fusing average speed of 6 m/min. The heating zone can be configured for independent top and bottom heating, or pre-heating and final heating.

The control for the X-series KL is done by means of a Touch Screen. This covers all standard functions as follows:

  • On/off
  • Per zone temperature setting
  • Pressure on/off and actual pressure setting
  • Belt speed indication and control in m/min and showing the dwell time
  • Reverse function
  • Auto cooldown
  • Alarm indications with suggested solutions
  • Programmable memory buttons for individual products with all functionality saved
  • Standard touch screen or LAN connection option
  • Different combinations of pressure rollers
  • Manual roll feed frame – 1,2 or 3 rolls
  • Motorised roll feed frame with edge guiding – 1,2 or 3 rolls
  • Manual roll winding
  • Motorised roll winding with edge guiding
  • Feed table variations (size and number of persons)
  • Stacking units
  • Return feed belts for limited space locations
  • Anti-static
  • Entry side cross cutter
  • Cooling fan, chiller options