X600 Flatbed Lamination

X600 Flatbed Lamination

The X600 flatbed lamination machine is a compact flexible flatbed bonding machine, similar to the X Series, but used for bonding and laminating products on a smaller scale.

Although it was designed originally for applications in the clothing industry, such as shirt collars and cuffs, the X600 flatbed machine, like its ‘larger brothers’ is equally capable of working with almost all non-woven and film products.

Often a customer can find it useful to be able to use the machine for shorter, or narrower width production runs, where utilising a ‘full sized’ machine would not be a practical option.

Due to its size, the X600 flatbed lamination machine is especially perfect for the technical textile market, where testing and evaluation needs to be done. The small footprint allows it to be used in the ‘clean’ laboratory environment to replicate what a larger machine can produce on the factory floor.

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  • Upper and lower heating system with 2 independent electronic thermostats (entry zone (preheating) + exit zone)
  • Heating area with 9 elements to enable lower temperatures or a shorter processing time
  • Pressure from 0 to 5 kg./sqcm
  • Temperature from 0 to 210° C
  • Working time adjiustment from 5 to 35 sec.
  • Speed from 1 to 10 m per min.
  • Touch screen for data setting
  • Illuminated entry point
  • Exit belt
  • Return belt
  • Stacker device
  • Fan cooling system
  • Active cooling system with chiller