Manufacturing, Converting and Recycling Machinery

i2Europe is a trusted and innovative supplier of machinery to the technical textile, fabric processing and finishing industries – niche sectors in which we channel our extensive knowledge and expertise, to the benefit of our clients and their textile and fabric-focused products.

However, we also work with many other kinds of company, from furniture makers, to window tinting suppliers and digital wallpaper designers and manufacturers.

We have made our cutting-edge, machine-filled demonstration facility a hub for textile, fabric and finishing creatives and manufacturers, and many others, who wish to conduct basic research that can advance their products.

Alternatively, they can use our facilities and machinery to inspire and develop new techniques and ideas, before they purchase a machine that can help bring their concept to market. Try-before-you-buy is the fabric on which our customer service is woven and helps many customers get their machinery purchases right first time.

Setting up a visit takes just one call and we are very happy to meet with you, even if you are not yet ready to buy and just wishing to consider what we can offer you in the future. You – and the technical textile or fabric samples that you wish to test – will be made very welcome.

Rest-assured, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, before we start to explore your design ideas with you. This is a process we have been through with many of our existing clients. Nothing is shared; everything is kept perfectly private. For further reassurance, please just read our privacy page.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities for your technical textile, fabric or finishing project or range? We look forward to saying ‘hello’ and bonding with your business.