Bonding & Lamination

Bonding & Lamination

Laminating Machine

Our range of laminating machines is the most complete and offers the best available performance today. The machines which are compact, sturdy, simple to use and specially developed to meet… Learn More »

OT Series Flatbed Laminator

The OT series flatbed laminator is our highest specification fabric bonding machine at present. It is undoubtedly the most flexible and the one that offers the highest productivity. Whilst initially… Learn More »

Rotary Bonding

Our BM series rotary bonding machines have been designed for the continuous bonding or lamination of fashion and furnishing fabrics, non-woven materials and film that uses web, mesh, powder and… Learn More »

X Series Flatbed Lamination

Our X-series KL is a compact, flexible, flatbed bonding and lamination machine, often used for applications in the clothing industry, such as manufacturing sportswear, jackets and coats. However, this bonding… Learn More »

OLX Flatbed Lamination

The OLX flatbed lamination machine is a compact, flexible flatbed textile bonding machine, available with a 600 (OLX 600N) or 1000mm (OLX 1000N) working width. This gem is often found… Learn More »

X600 Flatbed Lamination

Our X600 flatbed lamination machine is a compact flexible flatbed fabric bonding machine, similar to the X Series, but used for bonding and laminating fabrics and other products on a… Learn More »