Bonding & Lamination

Bonding & Lamination

Stacking systems »

We have a range of stacking systems available to provide a solution to your requirements. The stackers can be individually adapted to the width of the fusing machines as well… Read More

Sonobond Ultrasonic Bonding, Sealing & Cutting »

The applications for ultrasonic bonding (welding) are extensive and found in many industries. From electrical and computer, automotive and aerospace, medical, and clothing, to packaging. Whether two items can be… Read More

OT Series Flatbed Laminator »

The OT series flatbed laminator is our highest specification currently, it is the most flexible and offers the highest productivity. Initially designed for applications in the clothing industry, such as… Read More

Powder Scattering »

Powder scattering devices (PSD) can be used across many areas of industries, from scattering powder adhesive for a bonding or lamination  application, to adding products to assist with fire retardancy… Read More

Rotary Bonding »

Our BM series rotary bonding machines have been designed for the continuous bonding or lamination of fashion and furnishing fabric, non-woven and film using web, mesh, powder and film adhesives…. Read More

Hot Melt »

Our hot melt application machines are used primarily in the automotive, aerospace and technical textiles markets in a high production speed environment. The hot melt process is often used for… Read More

X Series Flatbed Lamination »

The X-series KL is a compact, flexible, flatbed bonding and lamination machine. Often used for applications in the clothing industry, such as sportswear, jackets and coats, the machine is also… Read More

OLX Flatbed Lamination »

The OLX flatbed lamination machine is a compact flexible flatbed bonding machine, available with a 600 (OLX 600N) or 1000mm (OLX 1000N) working width. Often used for applications in the… Read More

X600 Flatbed Lamination »

The X600 flatbed lamination machine is a compact flexible flatbed bonding machine, similar to the X Series, but used for bonding and laminating products on a smaller scale. Although it was… Read More