Rotary Bonding

Rotary Bonding

Our BM series rotary bonding machines have been designed for the continuous bonding or lamination of fashion and furnishing fabric, non-woven and film using web, mesh, powder and film adhesives. Either stand-alone or as part of a large production line, the machine has many configurations, often being part of a bespoke system and used in conjunction with a powder scattering device.

The BM series machines are multi-functional, capable of printing of foil effects onto fabric and also being used as a sublimation calender, for the fixation and setting of disperse and pigment inks and heat setting of fabric. The process is eco-friendly as there is no requirement to use water or solvents. Rotary bonding is widely used across the fashion, upholstery, technical or home textile, shoe, automotive and aerospace industries.

Close and constant temperature control in rotary bonding is achieved through the use of ‘oil filled’ heating drums. This provides excellent bond quality in terms of the adhesive penetration of the product and uniformity of the adhesion both across the width and throughout the length of the roll. Temperatures of up to 235 degrees Centigrade can be achieved across the range with speeds of up to around 15m/min depending upon your requirements.

Where rotary or flatbed bonding may not be appropriate, such as PPE production, we also offer ultrasonic bonding solutions.

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Different products require different parameters to achieve the correct result, so a combination of heat, time and pressure for one product may not suit a different product. Our broad experience in this field allows us to advise you on the most suitable combinations for treated, woven, non-woven, mono and bi stretch materials. Ease of control is achieved through the use of touch panels for the setting of heat, speed, start-up timer etc.

The machine can be constructed with various cylinder dimensions in terms of width and diameter. The wider the cylinder, the wider the product that can be processed, even allowing two rolls to be simultaneously processed. The larger the drum, the faster the production speeds that can be achieved.

Drum sizes available:
215, 350, 500, 600, 800, 1000mm in diameter

Working widths available:
1600 – 3200mm

  • 100% Nomex felt belts, produced in Italy
  • Belt edge control
  • Touch screen operation
  • Programmable heating and cooling with the ability to set a timer and have the machine ready for production at shift start
  • Safety chucks with quick change, heavy duty airshafts for all feed and winding positions
  • Manual fabric rewind tension control
  • Disc air brakes for the unwinding tension of the protection paper, fabric and printing paper
  • Manual brake systems for the printing and protection paper rewinds
  • Table entry
  • Conveyor system for individual pieces
  • Extraction Hood
  • Silicon covered external bonding pressure roller
  • Internal metal pressure roller for bonding and foiling operations
  • Web guiding equipment
  • Chilled cooling rollers
  • Motorised A-frame winding system for product exit
  • Batching arm
  • Motorised large roll feeding system for product entry
  • In-line slitting system