Mattress Manufacturing

Mattress Manufacturing

Double Head Quilting

The double head quilting machine will allow you to add various designs to a mattress. This machine includes an automatic material feeding system and extraction of the final product. The… Learn More »

Cushion Cover Production

The cushion cover production machine used for the manufacturing of cushion covers – Just like its name! The machine features two overlock sewing heads with a waste extraction system. Also… Learn More »

Ultrasonic Pillow Cover Inserting Machine

This simple machine is made for pillow case insertion. The pillow cover will enter through a fabric feeder. The cutting and sealing process is done via ultrasonic components. The machine… Learn More »

Seam Mattress Machine

The Seam mattress machine includes a sewing head which has adjustable height depending on the mattress thickness. The sewing head is PFAFF 5627. The machine features a touch screen with… Learn More »

Border Mattress Machine

The border mattress machine is used for the production of platabanda stitch. This machine will measure, cut and close the sewing strips of the mattress. The machine can handle high… Learn More »

Mattress Packing Machine

The Mattress Packing Machine is a simple solution for mattress packing. The feeding and extraction systems run on a PVC conveyor belt. The plastic sealing is completed by thermo resistance… Learn More »

Mattress Handle Machine

The Mattress Handle Machine allows you to insert handles in mattress border bands. The range of machinery allows you to do this both in horizontal or vertical formats. The machine… Learn More »

Ultrasonic Mattress Border Band Machine

This ultrasonic machine is used for mattress bands production. This includes a wide catalogue of designs with a total width of 700mm. This engraving area can be up to 500mm…. Learn More »

Mattress Upholster Base

This line is used primarily for upholstering mattress bases. This includes a fabric spreading and filling system. The automated robot is used for feeding and extraction of the base. The… Learn More »