Filling Machinery

Filling Machinery

Filling Silos

Filling silos are a real asset for any manufacturer needing to stuff cushions, pillows or cuddly toys – or, of course, anything else that has an inner filled with fibre… Learn More »

Enhanced Fibre Pearls

We can offer you a system designed for the elaboration of fibre pearls using polyester or hollow siliconised fibre, with outputs of up to 150kg/hour. Specially designed for pillows, cushions… Learn More »

Bale Breaking & Opening Machines

Our Lidem bale-breaking machine is designed to split bales and bundles of fibre, so as to continually feed carding or mixing lines. It offers a high-production capacity and vibration-free operation,… Learn More »

Fibre Opening

If you are seeking a fibre opening machine, able to open polyester or hollow siliconized fibres, look no further. Our fibre opening machine’s V-wire carding cylinders make the opening of… Learn More »