Filling Machinery

Filling Machinery

Filling Silos »

System designed to receive and/or store opened fibres or crushed materials (foams, latex, viscoelastic etc.) and further filling of pillows, cushions and cuddly toys. Depending on productive necessities, customer can… Read More

Enhanced Fibre Pearls »

System designed for the elaboration of fibre pearls using polyester or hollow siliconised fibre, with outputs of up to 150kg/hour. Specially designed for pillows, cushions and cuddly toys.

Bale Breaking & Opening »

This machine is designed for fibre bale breaking and regular feeding of other productive systems or lines. Manufactured in different working widths, according to the customer necessities. High precision scales… Read More

Fibre Opening »

Fibre opening machine for polyester or hollow siliconised fibres. Manufactured with V wire carding cylinders for a perfect opening of the fibres. With outputs of up to 400kg/hour. This can… Read More