Roll/Log Cutters

Roll/Log Cutters

Manual Roll Cutter

The manual roll cutter is a slitter machine, suitable for all types of textiles, including cotton, linen, silk, polyester, acrylic, spandex, nylon, polyamide, plush, denim, leather, stretch, 3D (three-dimensional) fabric,… Learn More »

Automatic Roll Slitter

Numerically controlled automatic roll slitting machine for rolls with various diameter sizes, blade diameters. This machine has been designed with the utmost attention to safety features. The machine can process… Learn More »

Large Diameter Auto Roll Cutter

If you are seeking an automatic roll cutting solution, look no further than our large-diameter auto roll cutter. This makes swift work of cutting up rolls sized up to 6,000mm… Learn More »

Tape & Ribbon Cutter

The ribbon cutter is a roll cutter specially designed for cutting fabric rolls with great precision. The fabrics it can handle are numerous in number, including lycra, cotton, linen, silk,… Learn More »

Automatic Fabric and Materials Roll-Cutting Machine

If you are looking for a fabric roll cutting machine, we can offer you a range of options. Our fully automated fabric roll cutters can handle fabrics or materials up… Learn More »

Roll Cutter for Plastic & Paper

Our paper roll cutter, capable of handling both plastic and paper (roll saw) has a toothed disc for cutting or log-slitting rolls and coils in blocks, strips or ribbons. It… Learn More »