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Automatic Roll Slitter

Numerically controlled automatic roll slitting machine for rolls with various diameter sizes, blade diameters. This machine has been designed with the utmost attention to safety features. The machine can process rolls of foam (PVC and polyurethane) even laminated with or without adhesives, rubber, plastic films, material for thermal and acoustic insulation of the buildings, glass and carbon fibres, roofing materials etc.



  • Machine totally closed and highly safe for its operator. LED lights for very clear internal illumination of the machine. All machine motors are brushless.
  • Automatic opening of the machine front door with pneumatic cylinder and safety system to avoid its sudden drop in case of power cut or interruption of the compressed air supply
  • Numerically controlled positioning of the blade carriage with brushless motor and automatic cut with the possibility of programming up to 6 cutting measures for each automatic cycle.
  • Closed loop controlled brushless motors to adjust the blade rotation speed up to 600 RPM and the roll rotation speed up to 500 RPM with possibility to choose the roll rotation direction.
  • Numerically controlled blade penetration movement into the roll with three adjustable cutting speeds (entry speed into the roll, cutting speed and cardboard core cutting speed) adjustable on continuous rate with wormscrew movement and brushless motor closed loop controlled.. Photocell to detect the roll diameter and laser pointer to indicate the actual position of the blade on the roll.
  • Laser system to measure the blade diameter and its circularity error with automatic adjustment of stop position near the roll support shaft. No knob to adjust the forward travel end of the blade carriage.
  • Quick blade return function out of the roll after slitting during the automatic cycle. The stop position outside the roll can be varied with the machine joystick
  • Automatic blade positioning function at the roll edge with possibility of automatic blade carriage return to an initial preset position
  • Self-centering pneumatic chuck with double clamping mechanism on the cardboard core and on the roll external surface with possibility to adjust the clamping pressure plus adjustable mechanical travel end of the external grippers stroke to avoid excessive pressure on the roll surface in case of soft materials
  • Expanding rotary shaft removable from the front of the unit with easy-to-replace plastic grippers along the whole shaft extension. Shaft diam. 3″ with the possibility of using interchangeable 4″ and 5 “shafts.
  • Automatic sharpening of the circular knife on both sides with adjustable sharpening time after a programmed number of cuts. Blade speed will be set automatically to the optimal sharpening speed during operation. Sharpening parameters of the auxiliary sharpener can be programmed with values different from those of the main sharpener. The unit includes a device to dress the main grindstone with a diamond.
  • Automatic blade lubrication and cooling system with adjustable frequency (single or multiple) and lube on/off times with possibility to use pure silicon oil or water mixed with silicone glycol
  • Up to 50 different cutting cycles. All cutting parameters can be stored and retrieved into the machine memory from each program. Machine prepared for connection Industry 4.0 with Modbus/TCP protocol
  • PLC controlled machine with a separate safety PLC to control the safety devices and equipped with complete diagnostic software to inform the operator of any possible alarm and to display instructions to restart the unit on a touch screen graphic panel. Maximum roll dimensions: diam. 750 mm (29” ½ ) x 2.000 mm (79”), Max weight Kg 100 (220 lbs)
  • Other models of this machine available

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