Cutting Tables

Cutting Tables

Bespoke Cutting Tables »

The cutting table is the primary place of work in the cutting room, so it’s very important that the construction was safe, stable and reliable. While designing our cutting tables we… Read More

Roll Cutter Compact »

The innovative cutting table for cutting forms from the material on the roll. The cutter used in the Roll Cutter Compact table enables cutting of a wide range of materials from… Read More

Roll Cutter Pro »

Roll Cutter Pro is the latest generation, innovative roller blinds cutting table for cutting roller blinds. Roll Cutter Pro is an ideal solution for window blinds manufacturers. Many years of… Read More

Cutting Air Table »

Cutting Air Table is a professional air blow cutting table designed for spreading and cutting all types of materials. Cutting Air Table is a spreading table, expanded with an airblow system installed… Read More

Cutting Pro »

Cutting Pro is a professional solution applicable in clothing, upholstery, sports, automobile and other industries. Precise and stable structure and the number of possible equipment options are the hallmarks of the Cutting Pro spreading… Read More