Pressing Machine

When you are manufacturing high-volume materials and fabrics, you need a pressing machine, or vacuum packing machine, as it may also be known, that can cope with output and make… Learn More »

Encasing Machine

Encasing machines for foam, latex and memory foam into the final recipient. System with a sturdy structure and high outputs with only one operator. An encasing machine automatically inserts items… Learn More »

Pillow Roll

This pillow pressing and rolling machine is a godsend for those manufacturers handling high-volume textile production, where the requirement is to later bag the product. It both rolls and reduces… Learn More »

Product Packaging

Here at i2Europe, we have a number of product packaging machine options available, capable of handling complex items. We also offer both automatic and semi-automatic systems for products and rolls…. Learn More »

Press Packing

Our press packing machine is a fabric pressing gem that can handle large-volume textile-based products, such as eiderdowns, comforters, blankets, sheets and pillows. It can do this without using any… Learn More »

Vacuum Press

Here at i2Europe, we have a range of vacuum presses available, offering you a choice of vacuum packing machines in various dimensions, to accommodate the packaging of differently sized products…. Learn More »