Stacking systems

Stacking systems

We have a range of stacking systems available to provide a solution to your requirements.

The stackers can be individually adapted to the width of the fusing machines as well as to the production process, such as 2 row or 4 row feeding into the line. It is possible to collect garment pieces up to 185 mm height on each tray.

Each stackers works independently from the others, which allows every operator to completely manage their lane.

Our systems use a horizontal tray opening function; we can collect the garment pieces from their own parallel path entering the machine. It is possible to collect product pieces up to 185 mm high on each tray.

Our stacking systems use optical sensors to recognise the length of fused parts parts is automatically. The stacker tray will move out using this information to a position slightly below the transfer belt. The bonded part is stacked and the table returns back to its original position. The stacker lanes adjust automatically to parts with different lengths. The lines can work independently for each operator or can work together for large pieces by pushing a button on the Touch Screen Control Panel shown.

By pressing a button on the touch screen, the tray will move out from the machine for easy unloading the finished parts. The display also has an additional line which is shown in YELLOW which shows a piece counter for each line.

The biggest advantage of stacking is that it ensures quality; when you collect the items individually, the product pieces are still warm and may not be fully bonded. If the operator collects these parts just after fusing, they can be damaged unnecessarily, which can reduce your product quality.

Ideal bonding can take place when the product pieces are left to cool down which occurs naturally with a stacker.

  • Using a stacking system can reduce the number of operators required to work on each machine.
  • Because the height of each tray can be adjusted, along with the number of pieces collected, this will reduce the amount of handling of the products. Less movement in fusing area can improve the quality of the products.

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