Pressing Machine »

Pressing machine for high volume materials (eiderdowns, comforters, blankets, pillows) and further welding of the plastic bag to get a vacuum packing. Adjustable Pressure High quality welding Adjustable Temperature  

Press Packing »

Packing machine for textile elements such as eiderdowns, comforters, blankets, sheets and pillows. Without electric consumption Adjustable pressure High output

Encasing Machine »

Encasing machines for foam, latex and memory foam into the final recipient. System with a sturdy structure and high outputs with only one operator.

Pillow Roll »

Pressing and rolling machine for high volume textile elements and latter introduction of them into plastic bags. Offered in different widths up to 800cm and interchangeable cases. Applications Pillows Cushions… Read More

Packaging Press »

Our packaging press is a relatively simple machine for high volume materials and the subsequent introduction of it into the plastic bag or box. The system has been designed to… Read More

Vacuum Press »

We offer a range of vacuum press systems, manufactured in various sizes for packaging products of varying sizes. We also have roll packaging solutions, both semi and fully-automatic. The textile… Read More

Net & Rope Shredder »

Our net & rope shredder is a rotary cutter, especially useful for the recycling of ropes, nets, wires or similar. Fishing Nets are a massive source of pollution in our… Read More

Rag Tearer Silo »

The rag tearer silo charger is used for the feeding and dosing of tearing machines. It loads machine for storage, provides continuous regular mixing and feeding of the tearing machines,… Read More

Feeder Silo »

The feeder silo is a method of storage and distribution for many products. It is predominantly used as part of the plant employed where products are being recycled and ultimately… Read More

Large Roll Spreader »

A high-production large roll spreading, cutting and stacking machine designed to work from A-frames or trestles of up Ø1,800mm diameter. Suitable for all kinds of textiles, nonwoven, polymers and plastics,… Read More