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Textile Spreading Systems 1
Textile Spreading Systems 2
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Textile Spreading Systems

Sophisticated tension free spreading machines laying from light to heavy fabrics, from stretch to rigid materials. Intuitive, user friendly, extremely flexible spreading machines featuring a patented cradle feed system. We have summarised our range of Textile Spreading Systems below however please feel free to get in touch if there is something else you require or if you have any questions

Spreader With Cradle

Automatic spreading machine with unique design cradle feed, with manual operation through “twist and go” handle, and automatic operation with interactive digital control, for straight and re- verse rolls.

Spreading planning with steps. It’s provided with “tension free” spreading control for all fabric types from lycra to denim, from jersey to technical textiles by specific devices.

  • Spreading speed with short acceleration and deceleration digitally adjustable
  • Automatic electronic control of fabric tension
  • Brushless main motors and service motors asynchronous type with variable speed
  • 4 wheel-drive machine
  • Cradle with alternative belts for rolls diameters of 50cm, up to 100cm as optional and max weight of 70kg


The ultimate computerized spreading system. This machine allows to plan the spreading program directly from cad dept. to fully automate the cutting room planning, resulting in simple, yet accurate, greatly reduced working cycle.
The on-board computer provides just in time operating costs, fabric consumption, wastage and other vitally important data through the operating reporting system.

  • Spreading planning is done automatically through the ISO format received directly from the CAD Room or other source
  • Lays are programmed with up to 100 steps/colours
  • Infrared laser defect pointer for the determination of fabric fault position in relation to the marker the software indicates the cutting position and overlapping point for fabric waste reduction
  • Machine speed and acceleration  adjustable digitally to suit each fabric type and special characteristics
  • Automatic fabric threading
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Machine production completely integrated with ERP and/or WOM system.

To find our more about our Textile Spreading Systems please get in touch.

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