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Hand Cutters
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Hand Cutters

Small cutting machines – the solution for any dedicated cutter of clothes

To ensure the perfect ‘fit’ for a client, a clothes cutter has to have the means to cut their desired material or technical textiles with precision and accuracy. Finding such a machine can be difficult but, thankfully, i2 Europe has the answer.

It is rare to find hand-held cutting tools shaped to such a degree around the dedicated clothes cutter, and as keenly tailored to their exact requirements, as the rotating blade machines which we can offer you. Our machines – perfect for straight and long cross cuts – allow the professional cutter of clothes to manoeuvre their cutting blade in such a way that they lose no quality in the cut, no matter how thick the layers, how tight the corners or how acute the angles.

These amazing, incredibly manageable and compact cutting machines simply glide through any fabric with which they are presented and provide the ultimate clean cut. The resulting aesthetic is one worthy of gracing any runway or fashion launch.

Thanks to the smooth, clean cut they can provide, these machines excel when presented with knitted goods and knitwear, as well as linings and other materials that can fray easily or generate a build-up of fluff.

They are equally beneficial for those who are manufacturing upholstered furniture and mattresses, being more than capable of cutting both upholstery and diol fabrics. They often, therefore, find a home in felt, blanket, carpet and bodywork factories, as well as in places where cotton wool and dressing material is the production output.

A powerful rotating blade combines with knife-edged joints, fitted to the base plate, to deliver the desired clothes cutting results. An integrated grinding device resharpens the blade, to keep it keen and ready for cutting action, but steel blades, with a higher service life, can be supplied for extreme loads.

Similarly, these rotating blade machines can be adapted to cut both plastic and rubber materials, simply by fitting them with a four-arc knife and counter-blade. In such cases, a half-speed or multiple-speed motor is recommended and the machine can also be fitted with a blade damping (dampening?) device, to prevent it becoming encrusted in cutting residues.

Safety is also not overlooked. A finger-guard protects the operator during cloth cutting, preventing injuries and accidents.

Straight-Knife Cloth Cutters

Whether you are engaged day-to-day in pattern making, or having to cut multiple-layered fabrics, straight-knife cloth cutters, offering cutting heights between 70 and 210mm, are ideal for your cutting operations. These cloth cutting machines suit all materials with a flexible surface structure, including textiles, knitwear and knitted goods, technical textiles and special materials such as films and branded films, felt, Skai and soft, premium leathers.

These cloth cutters are masters at keeping to the curves and cut layers cleanly, with no risk of fraying, right down to the very bottom layer.

With a narrow and low construction, the operator can benefit from the good blade visibility afforded, using this to enhance their craftsmanship still further.

Technically, there are other things that assist. A special coating helps an unusually even and exact blade, which is sharpened on both sides as it is lifted up and down, glide through materials more easily and also assists with wear resistance. Optimal configuration of a sliding handle, carrying handle and presser handle, as well as the on/off switch and sharpening tool, also create other benefits. Careful balancing makes the machines easy to manage and operators quickly regard them as an integral part of, and accessory to, their craftsmanship.

There is also great peace of mind in knowing that it is impossible for the grinding equipment drive to be damaged, should the grinding attachment come up against an obstacle such as a layer of material.

Where these strong and flexible cloth cutters find good homes

Cloth cutting machines like ours are typically embraced by manufacturers of ladies, gents and children’s clothing, factories producing sports and professional clothing, those businesses or weaving mills engaged in linen, hosiery, knitwear or tie production, stocking and shoemakers, bed linen and quilt manufacturers, producers of curtains and home décor material, and businesses across the home decoration and home textiles sectors.

Other buyers of these cloth cutters can be found in the upholstered furniture industry and could also be saddlers, tanners, leather manufacturers, glove, hat or bonnet producers, or manufacturers of toys and dolls clothing.

Cloth cutters like these also find a home in public authority workshops, hospitals, carpet factories, larger bookbinding businesses, dockyards and ship rigging specialist, the automotive sector, paper board factories, office furniture manufacturing factories and fisheries.

The outdoor sector is another big adopter of this cloth cutter, whether a business is manufacturing accessories for the camping sector or an entire caravan. Similarly, pushchair manufacturers are another key buyer, along with fibre glass processing companies, woven felt factories and fur processors.

Several Advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent handling capacities
  • Lower cutting resistance
  • Lower power requirement
  • Better handling of cutting around curves
  • Higher cutting speed

Please find more information about our hand cutters, by downloading our hand cutter brochure, which can be found in the downloads section of our website.

Visit our ‘contact us’ page for more information.

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