Roll Exit or Winding

Roll Exit or Winding

Roll exit or winding systems come in many configurations within the textile and technical textile industries.

In its simplest form, a roll exit winder could be a pair of driven rollers with the ‘product’ sat loosely on top, known as surface rewinding. Other options include batching arms, designed to work with A-frames, where the product is wound onto the frame by a driven roller. Centre driven systems are widely used, as are fabric feed belts and multi-roll carousels.

Fully automated exit systems for multiple ‘rolls’ with some or all being controlled independently are available, possibly even with their own separate edge-guiding (web-guiding) system. Options are available to surface wind products with a roll reduction gearing system, whereby we can gain a roll diameter reduction of up to 30-40%, depending upon the product being rewound.

We offer roll exit or winding systems for many different types of material processing applications such as calendering, bonding/lamination, embossing/debossing, batching, digital printing, cutting/slitting and much more. Winding options are available to cover web widths up to 6000mm.

We pride ourselves in the ability to help design your bespoke roll exit system where an off the shelf product doesn’t currently exist. If you want to add a multiple winder to a new or existing machine, with centre drive, batching arm, roll centreing or tensioning devices, we can find you a solution.

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