Net & Rope Shredder

Net & Rope Shredder

Our net & rope shredder is a rotary cutter, especially useful for the recycling of ropes, nets, wires or similar.

Fishing Nets are a massive source of pollution in our oceans. Several hundred thousand of tonnes are being disposed at sea every year, due to being damaged or snagged. This problem has led to the ‘ghost nets’ becoming a significant problem for marine wildlife, killing hundreds of thousands of animals each year. With no incentives for fishing boats to land damaged nets and until recently, little or no commercial means to recycle them, the spectre of submerged fishing nets is only set to grow.

Due to its ability to effectively process these products, it is ideally suited to assist with the recycling of nets, rope, fishing line etc. washed up on our beaches and recovered from the oceans.

End-of-life fishing nets can be composed of a variety of mixed materials, making them more difficult to recycle, so our net and rope shredder is becoming increasingly used in this field.

There are many companies around the world making products based on recycled ‘marine waste’. Current solutions on the market consist predominantly of consumer accessories, clothing, footwear, homeware, carpets and recreational products that are made or part made utilising polymers recovered from the reprocessing of fishing gear and/or the repurposing or up-cycling of fishing gear.

Examples include

  • sunglasses – derived from 100% recycled and recyclable nylon fishing nets
  • bracelets, necklaces, keychains and dog leashes – made from nylon line and net directly
  • cycling gear – made from recycled nets that are regenerated into polyester yarn
  • clothing such as socks – made using 100% regenerated polyamide (nylon)
  • waterproof jackets, pants and back packs – made 100% from recycled polyamide

A well known sportswear brand claims that 50% of all its swimwear is made from recycled material and 76% of its Pool collection incorporates recycled polyamide (nylon).

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The machine is also able to cut, break, shred or chop many other products, including:

  • raffia
  • cord
  • cable
  • sisal
  • hemp
  • wire
  • polypropylene
  • slings
  • nylon