Large Roll Spreader

Large Roll Spreader

A high-production large roll spreading, cutting and stacking machine designed to work from A-frames or trestles of up Ø1,800mm diameter. Suitable for all kinds of textiles, nonwoven, polymers and plastics, fibreglass, carbon fibre … Products used in the manufacture of bed linen, table linen, kitchen linen, bath linen, upholstery, curtains, tarpaulins, tents and technical applications.

This spreading machine can be manufactured in different working widths with different extended lengths. This machine is designed to work simultaneously with several rolls or several pallets, so that it becomes a high production system.

The large roll spreader is a system which is adaptable to any type of fabric, ensuring high cutting precision. These products are often used in conjunction with a digital cutting table.

The GDB models incorporates one or more units that allow it to work from rolls or batches with diameters of up to 1800mm. This helps to reduce roll changes and allow continuous work, thereby increasing production and helping eliminate downtime.

As in the other models, all machine functions and parameters are controlled from the centre console via the touch screen display (number of cuts, cutting length, cuts package, number of packages, extended trolley speed, voltage, travel speed of the blade, speed of descent of the elevator table, etc.).

The lift table allows stacking of up to 260 mm thick. This table consists of two separate work areas: one for cutting where the machine performs the spread and other handling where the operator can handle the material simultaneously to the spreader. The transport of matter between areas is done by the PVC belts.

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  • Bedding, linens or clothing for hotels (or white sheets, pillows, pillow cases, comforters, duvets, quilts or blankets, rugs or blankets …)
  • Mattresses (mattresses, mattress covers, mattress protectors …)
  • Decoration (Upholstery, sofa covers, curtains, blackouts …)
  • Fashion (clothing and wear, footwear, interlining …)
  • Bathroom linen (bath rugs, shower curtains, towels …)
  • Applications technical fabrics, aerospace and automotive (turbine blades, fuselage, airbags, insulation, moulds …)
  • Disposable hospital gown
  • Banners, tarpaulins, tents and umbrellas.
  • Digital printing.
  • Table linen (tablecloths, napkins, table covering …)
  • Kitchen clothes (aprons, bibs, bags of bread, tea towels …)
  • Cleaning material (cloths, mops, bags …)
  • Feeder deployed to the back or doubled: feeder to work from double folded material. The fabric is deployed, aligned and placed in the machine for spreading, cutting and stacking.
  • Feeders from trestles or A-frames for rolls up to Ø1.800mm.
  • Simple creels or trestles to feed the machine, which can increase the initial capacity of 4 rolls of the machine.