We offer a range of inspection machines for use within the production/manufacturing of woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics and textiles. Often used to identify warp and weft faults in textile production, with the addition of an automatic vision system, they are also used to identify pattern mismatches, more complex fabric faults and other issues.

From simple re-winding tables with overhead or back-lighting, to fully specified inspection and batching machines, the choice is yours. Most machines are designed to easily be operated by a single person.

Some of our available options include:

  • from single small rolls to A-frame or large roll entry systems
  • either batching to smaller rolls or onto A-frame or large roll exit systems
  • adjustable roll hardness and tension
  • edge guiding systems for the re-wind section
  • automatic or manual length measurement
  • cross cutting for batching onto smaller rolls at the exit
  • in-line sewing rail, used to create larger rolls or for continuous production
  • continuous running systems
  • relaxing systems
  • illuminated inspection ‘windows’ and viewing areas
  • semi-automatic and fully automatic fault identification camera and software systems
  • data collection for central reporting systems
  • labelling systems
  • product widths up to around 3400mm
  • production speeds of up to 60m/min
  • the ability to add semi or fully automatic roll slitting and packaging systems


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