Hot Melt

Hot Melt

Our hot melt application machines are used primarily in the automotive, aerospace and technical textiles markets in a high production speed environment.

The hot melt process is often used for coating a layer to a substrate or to bond a film (or similar) to create a laminated product or bond two or more substrates together to create a bonded product.

In general, in order for a thin uniform coating layer to be applied, the application must be done at low or moderate viscosities. In many cases this low viscosity is achieved by dissolving or dispersing the desired coating in a liquid such as water or a solvent, but this then necessitates the subsequent removal of the liquid by, for instance, a drying process. Hot-melt coating achieves this low to moderate viscosity by melting the desired material before applying it to the substrate. The substrate and coated layer are then cooled, generally by passing over a chilled roller. There is no liquid to remove, so the process is, in principle, much faster than water- or solvent-based equivalents.

When used in bonding or lamination, although the machine may be more expensive than normal rotary or flatbed bonding machines, the use of the hot melt glue means that the adhesive costs can be substantially lower than other processes, such as web or film. It also allows the production to be carried out at a higher speed which, in a high production volume environment, using the most cost-effective option is more than justified.

We can customise all of our machines to suit your exact requirements; contact us to discuss options.

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Hot melt machines are used with many types of textile and non-textile products, such as:

  • woven fabric
  • knitted fabric
  • non-woven
  • membrane
  • film
  • foam

Typical applications for the finished products are:

  • hygiene and medical products
  • technical composites
  • fusible interlinings
  • functional and protective clothing (PPE)
  • active wear, both indoor and outdoor
  • automotive, aerospace interiors
  • home textile, upholstery or mattress ticking

Options available:

  • 700-3000mm working width
  • Production speeds between 3-50m/min
  • Up to 20g/m2 of product application
  • Cooling the finished product