Textile Recycling

January 25th, 2022

Textile Recycling

Machinery for recycling textiles.

Many textiles can be repurposed, charity shops for reselling of garments, while blankets and towels can be given to wildlife and animal shelters. Cotton sheeting can also be cut down into smaller pieces to be more durable, low-lint wipes for applications such as cleaning, within industries like engineering and printing.

However, when the fabric has disintegrated too far to be repurposed or there are issues with brand integrity etc. what options are there for recycling?

Textiles into fibres

Natural textiles such as cotton, wool and cellulose will naturally biodegrade under the right conditions and can even be added to biomass and composting systems. But many fabrics use manmade fibres and often don’t break down, however this doesn’t mean they have no further use….

Removal of fasteners such as buttons, zips etc, then break them down into fibres, such fabrics can be converted into a raw material with many new uses.

Fibres from pre/post-consumer textile waste can be added to virgin fibres to recreate clothing for brands aiming to send zero waste to landfills and create a more sustainable and green fashion.

Recycled fibres are also used widely within manufacturing industries because of their excellent acoustic soundproofing and noise reduction properties. Examples of this include sound-deadening panels and seat paddings within vehicles, building insulation, mattress fillers, pet beds, cuddly toys and acoustic office screens.


Post-consumer textile waste, surplus and discontinued stock, faulty stock, branded goods and pre-consumer textile waste are typical ideas of wasted textiles suitable for our shredding and recycling machinery.

I2 Europe – Lidem Machinery

We have a large selection of shredding and cutting machinery suitable for textile recycling, please contact us further to discuss your ideas and how our machinery can help.