New narrow width PSD

New narrow width PSD

Our supplier has developed a new, narrow-width, powder scattering unit (PSD)

This is a more cost effective option for customers who only use narrow width products. It still retains the ability to adjust to scattering width by the use of an external control on the side of the hopper

Production speeds, scattering thickness and all other controls are the same as in use on the larger width PSD’s

Powder scattering devices (PSD) can be used across many areas of industry, from scattering powder adhesive for a bonding or lamination  application, to adding products to assist with fire retardancy etc.

Irrespective of the polymer type used; EVA, PE, PA, PES, TPU, etc., the scattering action width goes from around 50mm on our narrow width PSD, up to or greater than 5 metres. Product distribution can range from just a few g/m2 for cost-effective lamination, or higher amounts for full surface coating.