Roll/Log Slitters

Roll/Log Slitters

Nepata 1900 ADWS »

Precision slitting machine The professional slitting machine 1900 ADWS was developed for fast and precise slitting of various types of media. Special emphasis was placed on excellent cut edges on… Read More

Nepata UA1650 ADWS »

Precision converting center for rewinding, trimming and slitting The UA1650 ADWS is Nepata’s most accurate and comprehensive converting solution and a globally established system for the film trade, as well… Read More

Nepata UA1650 »

Precise rewinding and trimming up to a width of 1650mm The highly efficient UA1650 rewinding and trimming machine is an absolute “must have” for film and vinyl manufacturers and distributors… Read More

Nepata UA770 »

Precise rewinding and trimming up to a width of 770mm The UA770 rewinding and trimming machine was developed specifically for processing flock and flex films, as well as a variety… Read More

Large Diameter Auto Roll Cutter »

Our large diameter auto roll cutter can cut rolls up to 6,000mm wide and Ø1,000mm diameter rolls up fully automatically. It is specifically designed for automatic cutting (log slitting) of… Read More

Automatic Roll Cutter »

We have fully automatic roll cutters capable of working up to 6,000mm wide with the ability to cut up to Ø500mm diameter rolls. We supply other products for large diameter… Read More

Manual Roll Cutter »

The manual roll cutter is a slitter suitable for all types of textiles (cotton, linen, silk, polyester, acrylic, spandex, nylon, polyamide, plush, denim, leather, stretch, 3D three-dimensional fabric), non-woven and… Read More

Roll Cutter for Plastic & Paper »

Our roll cutter for plastic and paper (roll saw) has a toothed disc for cutting or log-slitting rolls and coils in blocks, strips or ribbons. Designed for very hard rolls… Read More