Cutters & Shredders

Cutters & Shredders

Net & Rope Shredder »

This product is a rotary cutter and shredder, especially useful for the recycling of ropes, nets, wires or similar. The machine is also able to cut, break, shred or chop… Read More

Feeder Silo »

The feeder silo is a method of storage and distribution for many products. It is mainly used as part of the plant used where products are being recycled and reused…. Read More

Compact Shredder »

The compact shredder is a crusher for shredding, harrowing, grinding, chopping all kinds of materials. It’s a shredding mill type machine, but more suitable for companies where processing costs are… Read More

Shredding Mill »

The TR model range shredding mill is a high performance machine for cutting, shredding, grinding, harrowing and tearing all types of materials. These machines are manufactured in either 550mm and 870mm… Read More

Rotator Shredder »

We have a range of high output shredding mills available, for plastic bags, PET bottles and containers, rugs and carpets, natural fibre sacks, rafia and large bags, paper and documents…. Read More