Sonobond Ultrasonic Bonding, Sealing & Cutting

Sonobond Ultrasonic Bonding, Sealing & Cutting

The applications for ultrasonic bonding (welding) are extensive and found in many industries. From electrical and computer, automotive and aerospace, medical, and clothing, to packaging. Whether two items can be ultrasonically welded is often determined by their thickness. If they are too thick this process will not join them.

However, many technical textile fabric and products, wires, microcircuit connections, sheet metal, foils, ribbons and meshes are often joined using ultrasonic welding.

We offer many different Sonobond ultrasonic machinery options and have a range of brochures you can download and read (click the relevant link on the Download links tab at the bottom of this web page):

  • Cylinder arm machine – for bonding a cylindrical shape in non-woven and synthetic fabrics
  • Filter collar bonder – for attaching circular plastic collars to non-woven filter bags
  • Hand held systems – for ultrasonic bonding of plastics, synthetic textiles, non-woven
  • Leak tight seams – for PPE and body armour applications
  • Ring Master Filter bag – multi-head system for attaching plastic collars to felted filter media in a short time
  • Seam Master 10 – table mounted cutter/sealer
  • Seam Master Lace master – to seal sew and trim non-woven materials in one step; ideal cost-effective bonding
  • SeamMaster modules – kit of parts to integrate into your own machine
  • SeamMaster High profile – for bulky items
  • SureCut 35 – hand held synthetics cutter and sealer




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