Cutting products

Cutting products

Our supplier, KURIS, a digital cutting table specialist currently offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of cutting products in the field of spreading and cutting technology.

They have over a hundred years of experience and more than 10,000 installations worldwide. The product development, design and construction is state of the art so, as a result, it demonstrates high quality engineering with modern control technology.

The wide-ranging cutting product range we offer, enables solutions that take into account any preconditions or pre-requisites of the customer:

  • hand cutters
    • ability to cut up to 200mm
    • 3-phase, mains, rechargeable battery
  • band cutters
    • ability to cut up to 250mm
  • Cross-cutters
    • ability to cut up to 200mm
    • ability to cut up to 2400mm wide
  • Conveyor tables
  • Spreading machines
    • height up to 230mm
    • width up to 2580m
    • roll diameter up to 1000mm
    • roll weight up to 125Kg
  • Cutting tables
    • height up to 80mm compressed
    • width up to 4050m
    • effective length up to 20,000mm

Kuris cutting products are often used in conjunction with other products we offer, such as bonding or lamination and are available for the following branches of industry and more:

  • clothing
  • automobile
  • aviation and space
  • industrial textile
  • furniture
  • building

A major selling point of the Kuris digital cutting table and stacking range is the ability to provide remote technical support. Kuris RemoteService is a remote support service that provides technical staff to connect directly to your workstation and have direct access to the desktop, like being on your location.

This allows them to provide easy and quick solutions for most problems regarding settings at the workstation and to solve many problems together with the customer. You have full control of your workstation at any time and it helps you to understand every single step, as it will be  explained by their technician.

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