Cutting products

Cutting products

KURIS currently offers one of the most comprehensive range of cutting products in the field of spreading and cutting technology.

They have a notable store of experience with more than 10,000 installations worldwide. Product development, design and construction are state of the art so, as a result, they are show a high quality of engineering and modern control technology.

The wide-ranging cutting product range enables solutions that take full account of the preconditions and requirements of the customer. The product range covers the following:

  • hand cutters
    • ability to cut up to 200mm
    • 3-phase, mains, rechargeable battery
  • band cutters
    • ability to cut up to 250mm
  • Cross-cutters
    • ability to cut up to 200mm
    • ability to cut up to 2400mm wide
  • Conveyor tables
  • Spreading machines
    • height up to 230mm
    • width up to 2580m
    • roll diameter up to 1000mm
    • roll weight up to 125Kg
  • Cutting tables
    • height up to 80mm compressed
    • width up to 4050m
    • effective length up to 20,000mm

Kuris cutting products are available for the following branches of industry:

  • clothing
  • automobile
  • aviation and space
  • industrial textile
  • furniture
  • building

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